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“After going through all the lessons, I gained the necessary skills to perform well at my on-sites. I crushed even the DP problems, which were my biggest fear. And thanks to that I landed offers from Microsoft and Uber. Thank you AlgoCademy!”

Cristina Radulescu

Senior Software Engineer at Uber

“AlgoCademy really helped me improve my problem solving skills and write incredibly clean code. I was worried it wouldn’t be done in time for my coding interviews, but the way the curriculum is structured made me progress very quickly and got the offer from Vanguard. Thanks for your work!”

Connor Holland

Software Engineer at Vanguard

“Wow. I've been using AlgoCademy for a while and now I can finally solve coding questions on my own. This gave me the confidence I needed for my coding interviews, and guess what? I landed the offer at Samsung! You guys truly kick ass. High fives!”

Ankit Kumar

Software Engineer at Samsung

"AlgoCademy helped me build a very solid foundation in Algorithms and Data Structures which helped me tackle almost any challenge you can encounter in a coding interview. The most valuable feature is the step by step coding tutorial for each problem which made me able to convert any idea that I had into lines of efficient and beautiful code. Without your product I couldn't have gotten my offer with SBD2."

Bishop Walker

Software Engineer at SBD2

"When I realized I had a problem with coding interviews even as an engineer and ex competitive programmer, it was out of control. I needed guidance immediately. AlgoCademy showed me what my coding was lacking right away, and I haven't failed a coding interview since — not even the notorious Facebook one."

Florian Marcu

Senior Software Engineer at Facebook

I am a self-taught programmer and learning things on my own was never a problem. However, Algorithms and DS was the only field where I felt I was never going to crack. I was only able to solve LeetCode easy problems and the process was very slow. But that changed when I heard about you. Your in-depth explanations really made me understand the concepts and patterns that would help me solve all the common coding questions, even the Hard LeetCode ones. I passed my interview with Luxoft with flying colors.

Vlad Radu

Embedded Software Engineer at Luxoft

"I just wanted to let you know that you guys do a really good job. It’s really great how easy it becomes to write quality code once you've done a couple of coding tutorials. Also, the videos allow me to better understand and walk through the concepts when working on a problem. I've been using AlgoCademy daily ever since I signed up for it, which got me a high paying job at Amazon. Keep inspiring!"

Bogdan Olaru

Machine Learning Engineer at Amazon

"AlgoCademy is the reason for me getting the job at Google. I tried LeetCode and watched countless online tutorials to help in my study of algorithms and data structures, but nothing compares to AlgoCademy. What I like the most is your video tutorials which taught me how to think, instead of directly jumping into the solution like the majority of tutorials out there. Also, the coding tutorials were a great and interactive way to improve my coding. I am now starting as a Software Engineer at Google, thanks to you guys!"

Narcis Gemene

Software Engineer at Google

"Algocademy has made me a better engineer and problem solver. They help you all the way from the very beginning of a problem and how you can go about thinking of the problem. Then they take you step by step on how to complete the problem. By the time you solve a few problems, algocademy has you on the right path to be able to solve any problem. I would definitely recommend to anyone breaking into tech and learning algorithms. 100% worth the money"

Joshua Burger

Frontend React.js Software Engineer

" I sıgned up wıth Algocademy at the start of 2022 and over three months spent about a half-hour every morning going through their material. Although I did lots of this stuff back when I did comp sci at university, there just wasn't time to cover all the material at school that they have in the Algocademy course. I guess you really can teach an old dog new tricks! I've not actually needed the material for job interviews - the tech tests I've done have been a lot simpler than the stuff Algocademy teaches, but I also haven't applied for a MAANG job. But I have been able to directly apply some of the algorithms to my normal job. The team behind the course have been responsive in getting back to my comments and questions, and the platform works pretty well. The videos and explanations are, by and large, clear and concise. Are they the best out there for acing MAANG interviews or learning algorithms? I genuinely don't know - but I certainly don't regret the money I spent on their materials.

Charles de Bueger

Senior Full Stack Developer