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Are you having issues translating ideas into code?
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Our step by step interactive tutorials help you develop and improve your coding skills to high standards in C++, Java, Javascript and Python.
Video Tutorials
Do you have issues coming up with solutions for problems you haven’t encountered before?
Do you feel stuck reading editorials but when you’re faced with a new challenge you can’t seem to be able to solve it?
Our video tutorials help you develop the thinking process necessary for solving new problems.

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Here's a sample video from our Dynamic Programming learning path:

Meet the Team

Andrei Chiriac, CEO, Instructor

Ex-Amazon Software Engineer Intern
Central European Olympiad in Informatics medalist
Competitive Programming Teacher
Two Udemy Courses on Algorithms
Youtube Channel
Mircea Dima, CTO, Coding Master

Senior Engineer at 2 NYC based startups + Ubisoft
Facebook, Adobe Software Engineer Intern
Amazon Seattle pending Offer
IOI Scientific Committee Member 2013
Peer Reviewed Scientific Paper on Algorithms
Built Innovative Products involving Algorithms:
  - Autocorrect and Swipe Typing for iOS keyboard
  - Music Recommendation Engine
  - Real-Time Optimal Exchange Algorithm
Competitive Programming Teacher
Forbes 30 Under 30, Serial Tech Entrepreneur