Do you keep failing coding interviews?

Pass your next coding interview by boosting your problem-solving skills and learning to write quality code. AlgoCademy is packed with in-depth practical training optimized with technical interviews in mind, as well as resources to help you understand algorithms and data structures backwards and forwards.

We took everything we wished we had when we started prepping for coding interviews and put it inside AlgoCademy. Our study plan, videos, interactive coding tutorials, and hand-picked questions have been tried and tested with hundreds of students who now work for the biggest companies in the world.

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Efficient Study Plan

It's hard to master Algorithms and Data Structures when you don't know where to start and what to learn. Our study plan will take you there in the most efficient manner.

Video Explanations

We get it, everyone learns differently. We help you maximize your learning on each question by offering a comprehensive video explanation.

Interactive Coding Tutorials

Our step-by-step coding tutorials identify exactly where your code needs to be tweaked, leaving nothing to question. Amaze your interviewers and colleagues by leveling up the quality of your code.

180+ Hand-Picked Questions

Coding interview prep is a numbers game that many candidates lose. We’ve set you up for success by hand-picking 180+ questions that are optimized for coding interviews so you can feel confident in your preparation.

4 Programming Languages

Whether you’re trying to learn JavaScript, Python, Java, or C++, we speak your language. You’ll receive solutions to every question in each language.

Certificate of Completion

Celebrate your progress and the steps you took to stand out in coding interviews with an official AlgoCademy Certification, available on completion of the course.


Learn to code at your own pace

We’ve designed AlgoCademy with people who don’t have a lot of experience with algorithms and data structures in mind. We want to teach people who are looking for the increased satisfaction and income that a programming job can provide.

Is AlgoCademy right for you? Simply put, we're for you if...

You’re trying to prepare for coding interviews but don’t know where to start, or how to come up with an efficient study plan

You’ve spent countless hours trying to solve coding questions online, but you’ve grown frustrated, feeling like you can’t build a solution from scratch

Even if you are able to devise an approach that solves your coding challenge, you aren’t able to write quality code which passes the coding interview

You’re looking to gain the speed and accuracy needed to solve a coding challenge that may get asked of you in interviews

You start to experience sensory overload thinking about all of the information out there about preparing for coding interviews, and you find yourself stuck for days, googling information on various topics, messing up your consistency and flow

“After going through all the lessons, I gained the necessary skills to perform well at my on-sites. I crushed even the DP problems, which were my biggest fear. And thanks to that I landed offers from Microsoft and Uber. Thank you AlgoCademy!”

Cristina Radulescu

Senior Software Engineer at Uber

“AlgoCademy really helped me improve my problem solving skills and write incredibly clean code. I was worried it wouldn’t be done in time for my coding interviews, but the way the curriculum is structured made me progress very quickly. Thanks for your work!”

Connor Holland

Software Engineer at Vanguard

“Wow. I've been using AlgoCademy for a while and now I can finally solve coding questions on my own. This gave me the confidence I needed for my interviews, and guess what? I landed the offer at Samsung! You guys truly kick ass. High fives!”

Ankit Kumar

Software Engineer at Samsung

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Meet Your Instructors

You’ll learn how to code from instructors with over 20 years of combined experience in professional, competitive, and educational settings. They’ll teach you the algorithms to know for coding interviews and help you establish a clear approach to problem-solving.

Andrei Chiriac

CEO & Instructor

Andrei has represented Romania in many international competitive programming contests. His highest achievement to date is winning the bronze medal at the Central European Olympiad in Informatics.

Andrei has also worked for Amazon and Keystone. Since 2015, he's been training students for the International Olympiad and preparing aspiring engineers to crush their coding interviews.

Fun fact: Andrei has a YouTube Channel and had the highest-rated course on Udemy before AlgoCademy was born.

Mircea Dima

CTO, Coding Master

Mircea has worked as a Software Engineer at companies including Facebook, Adobe, Ubisoft, and two NYC startups.

He has built many innovative products using algorithms and data structures, such as Autocorrect and Swipe Typing for the iOS keyboard, Music Recommendation Engine, and Real-Time Optimal Exchange Algorithm. Mircea has been a coding interview and competitive programming coach for over a decade.

Fun fact: Mircea has written a peer reviewed Scientific Paper on Algorithms.

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What sets AlgoCademy apart?

Unlike our competitors, AlgoCademy offers the most comprehensive, high-quality interactive coding platform, allowing students to see, step-by-step, what’s going right (and wrong) in their code, focused on the questions we know you’ll get asked in technical interviews. We’ll teach you how to write clean code using video instructions and interactive validators that check for quality.

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Optimized for Coding Interviews
Performance Validation
Learn to write Clean Quality Code
Step-by-Step Coding Tutorials
Video Content
Code Quality Validation
Optimized Problem Set for a fast learning curve
Solution Exploration for a given problem

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  • 10 Sample Coding Questions

  • One Free Coding Lesson Per Week (52 in total)

  • Step by Step Coding Tutorials

  • Code Quality Validation

  • Performance Validation

  • Sufficient Content to Kickstart your Career

  • Soft Skills Course to Jumpstart your Career

  • Python, JavaScript, Java and C++

  • Q&A section


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Everything from STARTER, plus:

  • Continuing lessons & course content!

  • 100+ Hours of Video Explanations

  • 180+ Hand-picked Questions

  • Optimized Study Plan

  • Certificate of Completion

Billed annually

Recurring payment, cancel anytime.


Everything from STARTER, plus:

  • Continuing lessons & course content!

  • 100+ Hours of Video Explanations

  • 180+ Hand-picked Questions

  • Optimized Study Plan

  • Certificate of Completion


A Thriving, Supportive Community of Peers

Our community is the heart of AlgoCademy. Here, you can get answers to all of your questions, ask for feedback, gain support from your peers, and get to know other like-minded programmers. It’s a great way to build your own community and learn from each other in the process.

We may be biased, but we happen to think our members are amazing. They boast a wide range of skills and expertise, and they make the AlgoCademy the amazing, 24/7 resource it is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

Will this get me ready for my coding interviews?

Yes! The content is designed to cover everything you might encounter in coding interviews. We start with simple loops and statements and move to famous algorithms and data structures, as well as how they apply to the interview questions these companies ask. Our graduates tell us how many of our questions get asked by companies all the time!

I've never studied Computer Science. Is AlgoCademy beginner friendly?

Beginners welcome! While we do assume a very basic general understanding of how computers store variables and loops, you don’t have to worry about anything else. You’ll learn the rest here. It’s also going to be easier than you think!

The original inspiration for AlgoCademy came from helping a friend who quit his job as a singer to follow his dream. We’ve always had beginners and self-taught programmers in mind (as well as CS majors) while building our content. We can meet you on your level and take you from there!

Is all of the content available straight away or is it time-released (drip fed)?

No drip-feeding here! You get access to everything inside AlgoCademy right away. Jump in and start making use of the training without having to wait for something to be released to you. We also regularly update and add new material, so your content library will continue to grow alongside your knowledge.

What languages do I need to know?

You do not need to know any specific language to benefit from our lessons. Our explanations focus mostly on core intuition and pseudocode so that every coder out there, no matter the language, will understand everything.

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

Every day you hold off on membership is another day you’re not working toward your dream job. It’s time for you to take action. We provide the answers to all of your questions, including the ones you don’t know you have yet, that will pave the way to a high-paying programming job. Becoming a member will help you find the support, community, and most importantly, accountability necessary to reach your goals.

AlgoCademy is the place where you can find all of these things. If you are ready to make a difference in your life, the time is now. Simple as that.

Is it really worth the money?

The average base salary of a software engineer is $110,464, according to Indeed, and the average total compensation for FAANG companies is over $250k, according to levels.fyi.

The better you perform in your interview, the more desirable you become, therefore giving you the power to negotiate compensation. You’ll also get to work at your dream job every day alongside top-tier software engineers. It’s hard to put a number on all of that, but we think it’s worth it.

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds under any circumstance. You can try out our free coding tutorials before deciding to subscribe.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Obviously, we’d love it if all of our members stuck around forever. We’ve worked with students for long enough to know that it’s never going to happen. If we’ve done our job right, we should be saying goodbye to our students as they go off to start their new careers.

If you decide to cancel, we’ll miss you, but we make the process easy. You can cancel with 2 clicks of a mouse.

If there's anything at all that you're not certain about, anything we haven't made clear, or you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at email address.We’re happy to help you out!