Seize the Moment

Hey you, yes you, pay attention, I’m talking to you

Stop! Let me tell you something you probably knew

How often do you feel the present moment?

Let your past and future go, feel enjoyment?

So many thoughts go daily through our mind

And we lose the important things; we are blind

I see so many opportunities lost

Because we’re not aware of the losing cost

When the gut feeling inside ourselves rises

We discard it, not knowing what it symbolizes

Too many thoughts in our head are the reason why

We turn back to safety instead of going for a try

If we live and feel in the present moment

We release our failure fear, our main opponent

And the gut feeling grows so fast inside

Our mind thinks we are going on a joyride

So I can’t stress out the importance anymore

When your gut feeling is knocking at your back door

Don’t overthink, just go and act accordingly

Opportunities don’t wait for you, sadly

written by Mircea Dima