There Are Too Many Coding Course Options: How AlgoCademy Makes Choosing Easy.

If you type ‘coding’ into Udemy, did you know you’ll get more than 10,000+ results? One singular platform, one search query, five figures worth of results to sift through. Now add into the mix sites like Coursera, Udacity, and then other more specific coding-focused websites. 

We’re talking about countless thousands of options. You might have even signed up to a bunch of them yourself.

But which one do you choose, and stick with?

It’s more difficult than ever for a new coder to start. Adverts, recommendations, endless pages of Google search results. But which one’s right for you? Which are created quickly with the pure intention of making money? Which have been crafted by experts, and which of them are by amateurs?

The problem we see, and face daily when working with our students, is that new coders (and even some that are experienced) pick these courses up, and end up being taught the wrong things. 

  • Old standards or ways of working
  • Outdated syntax
  • Lessons that skip over the fundamentals
  • Courses that gloss over the important parts that require more time to understand
  • Tutorials that try and fill your head with syntax and coding languages, but don’t actually help you understand and apply coding to your own projects

Most of these courses you’ll find online are made to make money, and have been drafted quickly by coders who haven’t spent years working in companies, day-to-day with other codes, on complex projects.

Even if you do find courses that are made by more seasoned coders, that still leaves you with hundreds of choices. If only you could know which one is the right one for you, and stick to that one course.

Why AlgoCademy is Different

AlgoCademy doesn’t try to teach you everything. We’ve spent years on our curriculum, crafting the perfect set of lessons that deliver the best way to learn programming you’ll find – anywhere. We don’t include anything you don’t need; all the fat is trimmed, and anything unnecessary to your future as a coder is thrown out.

By the end of our course, you understand what programming is, how it works – how it REALLY works – and you understand the deeper fundamentals of computer science. And above all, we make you job-ready. 

We take you through everything you’ll need to blast your way through nerve-wracking interviews, passing with flying colors. 

So, take our advice.

Stop searching for the perfect course, or trying just one more YouTube tutorial. All you’ll end up doing is spinning your wheels, wasting precious learning time, and not really learning anything useful.

Commit to AlgoCademy; we’ve both spent years working with students, helping them land jobs at companies like Amazon, Uber, and Vanguard, and more years besides doing exactly those kinds of jobs ourselves.

AlgoCademy is hand-crafted for aspiring coders – new and experienced alike. All you need to do is dive into your first lesson!

The AlgoCademy Team